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Distinctively Decorative Mirrors

Mirrored Glass ...

A strategically placed mirror can completely transform a room. A mirror can create the illusion of extra space and amplify natural light. Decorative wall mirrors with attractive frames, and if required etched artwork, brilliant cut designs and bevels, offer a stylish alternative to standard mirrors. McCollins manufacture a fantastic range of mirrors in many different shapes and sizes – from classic rectangular wall mirrors, to full length free-standing styles for dressing rooms, to large full wall mirrors. McCollins framing studio can further enhance any design you choose by adding a bespoke frame to precisely match your decor.

... With a touch of class

McCollins manufacture mirrors in all shapes, sizes and styles, choose with confidence the perfect mirror for any location. Bathroom mirrors, to bespoke mirrors and truly unique, custom-made designs created exactly to your own specifications.

McCollins Glass Ltd. has over 80 years experience in the business.

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