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Glass Crafting

Decorative Brill' Cutting

A Brilliant Cut, is a 'V' groove, ground into the surface of the glass, and polished back to the same quality as the glass surface itself. This decoration is often used in association with the bevelled edge on the same sheet of glass, and produces an elaborate and most desireable effect. As with the bevel, the processes of refraction and reflection give Brilliant Cut Glass an elegant and expensive appearance.

Brilliant Cut designs on mirrored glass are particularly effective, the mirror reflects the refracted light that is being reflected off the edges of the 'V', effectively doubling the impact of the design. Brilliant cut designs are the perfect way to decorate any glass panel, from mirrored wardrobes to doors and partitions.

Glass Bevelling
A bevelled edge refers to an edge of a structure that is not perpendicular to the faces of the piece. Confusingly a chamfer is a bevelled edge connecting two surfaces, if the surfaces are at right angles. A bevelled edge on glass is typically used to add decorative style. A bevelled edge is very effective on mirrored glass.

Decorative Etched Glass

Etched glass has served a unique purpose for hundreds of years, transmitting natural light, while providing a work of art screening one area from another.

Over the years there have been many processes invented to 'etch' artwork into glass. - So called 'Depression Glass' was cast in moulds that had art etched directly into the mould, so each cast piece emerged with the image already on the surface. This process was invented in the 1920's, and became very popular.

'CNC' Capabilities
McCollin's unstinting investment program in the Latest CNC Manufacturing Technologies has given them a massive competitive 'edge' when it comes to versatility and sheer production ability. Cnc processed glass offers almost unlimited design possibilities in glass, it's perfect for unusual shapes like splash-backs and kitchen worktops.

During the early days of the company 80 years ago, all the work was carried out using, 'state-of-the-art', but still very basic equipment by today's standards. Skilled craftsmen cut and processed all the glass by hand.

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