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The Business

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McCollins Glass est. 1939

As well as supplying businesses in Kingston-upon-Hull since 1939, McCollins have been a major supplier to the caravan industry here since 1971, that’s 53 years! Recognised for quality and reliability not only for large production runs but also single bespoke items when required.

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Magnificent Mirrors

McCollins manufacture mirrors in all shapes, sizes and styles, choose with confidence the perfect mirror for any location. Bathroom mirrors, to bespoke mirrors and truly unique, custom-made designs made exactly to your own specifications, including Acrylic and Polycarbonate.

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Frame Design Studio

McCollins Frame Design Studio stocks a large variety mouldings and mountboards including canvases. With thousands of mouldings to choose from they can not only create beautiful mirrors for you, but can also frame all your pictures or mirrors quickly and professionally ….

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Painted Glass

McCollins’ has manufactured painted glass since 2004, supplying commercially and for the home. The colours can be matched to an existing scheme using the RAL number or visually from a sample. Visually would be a very close match but not as exact as the RAL. Commercial applications need to be toughened by law, but McCollins toughen all painted glass.
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Architectural Glass

McCollins’ manufacture single float toughened glass for use in retail, domestic or commercial applications.

All toughened glass is processed in house in accordance to BSEN 12150 standards. All glass toughened by McCollins bears their stamp of quality. …

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Glass Processing

Glass Bevelling
A bevelled edge refers to an edge of a structure that is not perpendicular to the faces of the piece. Confusingly a chamfer is a bevelled edge connecting two surfaces, if the surfaces are at right angles. A bevelled edge on glass is typically used to add decorative style. A bevelled edge is very effective on mirrored glass.

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